art-fun-spacesChildren’s care and programming, at your event venue…

Fun Spaces will bring all equipment, games and activities necessary to keep children aged 6 months to 12 years old well-occupied while your event is in full effect. All you need to provide is a children’s room and we will take over from there. Snacks and drinks are included with this service to nourish the children under our care. We can serve provided meals to children or cater for an additional fee. The theme of the space will match the theme of the event so children will not feel like they missed something. Parents register their children in advance on our website to ensure quick and easy check-in at the event.

Play activities include:

  • Artwork
  • Contests
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Infant play
  • and much more


We have signature items that will always be at our events for they have proven to be loved by kids and hosts!

For longer events, we can extend this service into a full children’s program, similar to a camp, making it more comprehensive and providing even more engagement for them. Having a children’s program is important for continuing your organization’s legacy with future generations.

Event childcare packages start at $250. Please request a quote for an accurate price for your event.


Events We Serve

Corporate Meetings & Events

Whether a full day meeting, week-long conference, or reunion weekend, providing a children’s program or on-site child care can be great help for eager employees who want to participate with less worries from home. Inviting families to corporate events can demonstrate your family-friendly atmosphere. Hiring us help support that and offer relief to your event planner!

Galas & Parties

Gain more attendance at your celebration by hiring us for on-site childcare. The host can have parents pay for care, subsidize the cost or pay for it completely. Parents will love the chance to play while their children are safe, secure and having fun only a few yards away!

Family Occasions

Graduations, reunions, funerals, and other family gatherings are all opportunities to support and unite the family so you want to be sure ALL family is present. Fact is, children can become restless during some events that require quiet and attention, or they just may not be interested. When it’s time for an adult party with family, some adults may find it difficult to really let loose in the presence of children. Having on-site childcare, or even a children’s program, will relieve some of the stress and give children some engagement in the event.  Hiring our company will help things run more smoothly while allowing everyone to form stronger bonds.

Weddings & Receptions

Weddings are special days that will live forever in the hearts and minds of those who attend. From the bridal shower to the rehearsal to the wedding to the reception, many people want to be there for everything and need help removing any barriers that could prevent participation. Hire us to ensure celebration of impending nuptials run smoothly with minimal barriers for participation yet with maximum attention on the bride and groom.

If your type of event is not mentioned above, give us a call anyway. We likely can serve you too. Check our specials page for promotional pricing on childcare at short meetings and gatherings.

Using Fun Spaces for on-site event childcare at your event or occasion will give more people a chance to attend and enjoy themselves without wondering or worrying about home.


NEW: Party Planning and Facilitation

Our newest service! Fun Spaces will help your children and their guests have a fun, engaging time while they celebrate their birthday, end of school, fall break, the latest movie opening… whatever you feel like celebrating. You can hire us to plan the event or simply make sure the celebration flows and everyone stays safe so you can participate and have fun too (or hang out with the other parents without worrying if there are any chips left on the table). Parents can RSVP their children on our website to ensure quick and easy check-in at the event.

Party planning packages vary in price according to need. Please request a quote.




COMING SOON: Customized Activity Books

Our newest product! Bring a popular Fun Spaces item to your event. Great for the children’s table at small wedding receptions, dinner parties and sports watch parties. Include them as favors at your child’s birthday party. Each book includes activities related to the theme of your event, and are truly fun and engaging for kids of all ages.

Also, learn more about our new CPR Training here. Now offered to ensure your kids stay safe wherever they are.