Keep Kids SafeThe same way we want your kids to excitedly play, we also want them to have a safe, protected environment. Before working with us, we screen our caregivers to ensure they would not only thrive in our environment, but also have a personal commitment to keeping children safe and secure. We conduct background checks to have a comprehensive picture of potential staff before they are selected to join us. Staff must have training in infant and child CPR to ensure they know what to do in emergency situations, just in case.

Our commitment to child safety is strong so we have two initiatives that began in 2014.

Our owner completed Darkness 2 Light’s Stewards of Children training for prevention of child sexual abuse because of our commitment to safety. We updated company policies to reflect important information learned in the training. Children will be safe in our care with safety protocols kids can use when they are dealing with the rest of the world. We encourage you as a parent or caregiver to also take the Stewards of Children training so you can be aware and empowered to protect the children around you too. The Orange County (NC) YMCA is offering facilitated trainings to all members of Orange, Durham and Chatham counties (free of charge) either on-site or at your preferred facility, or you can take the online training for added convenience.

CPR Training For All

We want to make sure our caregivers are trained in CPR because if your child gets into serious trouble, we know anyone associated with us can confidently help them out of harm’s way.  We also want to make sure you and anyone else you entrust your children with have the ability to do that too.

We are now offering CPR Classes certified by the American Heart Association (AHA) to families, caregivers and health professionals in the Triangle. The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency to help reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Our educator, Victory CPR by Lena, is owned by Rene’ Livingston-Flowers, is a 20+ year veteran registered nurse and certified to teach CPR through AHA.

Find more details on CPR training here.