Partner With Us

Event Pros: Enter Here to Spread Fun

Partner with us. Let’s work together to help child caregivers enjoy events and meetings with an ultra-convenient solution in the work Fun Spaces provides. We are committed to seeing more parents in the Triangle participate in personal and professional events without struggling to keep their children safe. We know that our service is a key component in that and invite you to partner with us to provide this peace of mind to your clients.

Events Served by Fun Spaces

We serve personal and professional events and meetings. Our staff earn a living wage. We share our good fortune with our community including providing a 15% discount to non-profit, education, and government clients.

Our services are best for special events and meetings including:

  • Corporate events such as company picnic, company dinner, grand opening, founder’s gala, and industry conference
  • Non-profit and education events such as fundraising events, alumni reunion, even PTA meetings. We have served government clients in block party
  • Family occasions such as family reunions, dinner parties, adult birthday parties, graduation receptions and funerals
  • Weddings & Receptions

How We Collaborate

Whether you invite us to your preferred vendor list, event co-sponsorship, or simply connect over coffee to share ideas, we welcome collaboration with event professionals who share similar values and can buy into our mission to see more adults connect and play by providing a fun, convenient, and safe space for their children. With this, our ability to work with you is flexible and will be a win-win for all. Ultimately we want to see you play too and be rewarded from our work together.

If you are an event venue, event planner or other event service professional, we would love to connect with you. Schedule a meetup with us now or send us a message below: