Parents Play Too

Welcome to the best solution for you to get a chance to play with no worries for where your children are or what they are doing. While you’re having fun, they’ll be having fun too – just around the corner from you.

How convenient is that?

Wondering about who we are? You can read our story but in summary, Fun Spaces was founded by a mom who wanted to enjoy more life and professional events without worrying about childcare. Check out our philosophy on the importance of play for your children and you.

Register for Upcoming Events

Register your children with us prior to the event you were invited to. We want to be prepared for fun and safety!


Still booking events for 2017. Come back soon if you don’t see yours.



UNC MBA Reunion Kids Camp, Chapel Hill, NC April 13-14

Fun Activity Book

Grab a fun activity book to help your kids stay unbored!

Coming Soon!!

Family Play

For 2017, we are exploring providing opportunities for parents and kids to get out for fun in Durham with “Kids Night Out” and other exciting, age-appropriate play events and activities.

Meanwhile join our new FREE Family Fun Challenge! No more looking for fun things to do each week when we will give you prompts to play as a family every week for the next couple of months. We’ll also keep you posted on Kids Night Out and other fun stuff to get out and do.

Family Fun Challenge

CPR & First Aid Training to Stay Safe

We offer a CPR and First Aid training for caregivers to have the best tools to keep their loved ones safe. This is also available to any staff or partners who need training.

We can come to your PTA, parent club, family gathering, or other type of event and offer training on-site along with a children’s space to keep them occupied while you are in training.

Find out more about the CPR and First Aid course and contact us to schedule a class today.