Family Fun Challenge

Have Fun Things To Do With Your Family Every Week


Do you struggle with finding fun things to do with your children?

So many of us are committed to making sure our children grow up healthy and stay safe that we forget to engage with them in simple play.

Or, we get caught up in needing to spend money on them to spend time with them when they actually just need our attention.

Your children may be good at playing on their own or with each other and their peers, but

they need to see you smile,

they need to hear you laugh,

and you need the same from them…

Happy Family


You can have fun things to do with your family with just a little time each week

without: spending any money, time on electronic devices or mess.

Fun Spaces presents

Our Family Fun Challenge is a simple set of weekly prompts to help you find fun things to do with flexibility to do them wherever you are, with budget of any size and children of any age.

This challenge is a way to intentionally make space to play with your children on at least one day per week. You will receive:

  • A scheduled weekly time of your choosing… set aside so you can easily dedicate protected time to engage with your children.
  • Eight prompts so you can have fun things to do while saving time from thinking about what to do.
  • A private community of parents and other caregivers who have similar interests to brainstorm ideas and celebrate fun challenge activities

Fun Spaces wants to see more adults and children have time to play in their lives. It is important for us to have time for engaging play WITH our children too.

This FREE challenge is our gift to you to support your family have fun together. Join the challenge now to get started this week.

Family Fun Challenge